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Helping Women Discern

Avow was created by Mother Clare Matthiass, CFR and Vianney Vocations. Our goal is simple: to help women draw closer to Jesus as they discern a possible vocation to religious life. We use the tried-and-true model of “discernment groups” because they work. When women learn together, pray together, and support each other, it’s much easier to discern with clarity. Avow uses a similar format as The Melchizedek Project, a successful discernment group model for men discerning the priesthood.

For All Religious Communities

Avow does not recommend any particular religious community. It helps women discern religious life “in general,” while encouraging them to explore communities that God has placed in their path, or to which they have a particular attraction. We deliberately took this approach so that any religious community would be eager to use Avow.

Intentional Discernment

Aside from the decision to follow Jesus, choosing a vocation is the most important decision young people will ever make. For this reason, we believe vocation discernment should be a priority for all ministries involving youth and young adults. In particular, our aim is to support campus ministers as they guide students through an intentional, well-informed discernment process. Rather than floundering in an indefinite period of discernment, Avow is structured to help women “go deep,” and eventually move from discernment to decision.


"Conversion and vocation are two sides of the same coin." ~Pope Francis